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Leasing program FAQ

So you want to know the full details?

It's really not much more complicated than the video. Pick a website from our portfolio, send us your content, we will put it in the website, purchase hosting and a domain, and publish the website for you. We make updates as needed and make sure the website is properly maintained. We do not cover marketing under this fee but we can offer a complete package solution for SEO, Social Media Management, and anything else you may need along with the website.

Can I have you make a custom website?

While we do make custom websites, this is not part of the program. We will customize the website to an extent by adding your own content(I.e. text and photos), customizing fonts, colors, and other small details. If you need something more complex with custom graphics, integrations, or something totally different than whats in our portfolio, we can still do it! We will work with you to find an affordable option, depending on the site, it might just require an initial setup fee then we can still lease it to you for an affordable monthly payment. Just send us a message with your needs and we will find a solution that fits your budget.

Is there a contract?

Yes, but it's pretty simple. Because we are building a complete website for you and $75 just isn't enough time to recover our costs. We need you to stay with us for a minimum of 2 years unless you pay $500 to buy the website. You can pay that fee at anytime and we will turn the website over to you to manage, even if it's within the first week! Other than that, there is a contract outlining some stuff like what we are going over here, what the design covers and doesn't cover but there are no further stipulations on time spent with us.

Are there any exclusions?

Unfortunately there is, some websites just require a little more work than we can offer in this particular program. For example e-commerce websites, due to the nature of e-commerce, the time required to upload and manage products, possibly high traffic and server demand, we simply can't put e-commerce sites under this plan. Additionally, sites that need a lot of custom work, custom code, and custom integrations(for example if you need quickbooks integration or a built in CRM, chatbots, etc..) also can't be done under this plan. As mentioned above however, we can still work with you to find an affordable option, depending on the site, it just might require an initial setup fee or higher leasing fee but, it will still be an affordable monthly payment. Just send us a message with your needs and we will work with you.

What else should I know?

Honestly, we feel it's pretty straight forward and if there is anything you are unsure of, you can contact us via call, text, e-mail, contact form, facebook, etc... and we will answer any questions promptly! We make ourselves easily available to all our customers. Give it a try!

Ready to lease?

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